Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bears are Cool

This story made me a little sad today.

Bear stuck in jug is shot

. . . The wild black bear -- whose head got stuck inside a 2½-gallon clear plastic jug presumably while foraging for food -- ambled into the city of Frazee, about 200 miles northwest of the Twin Cities, during the town's busy Turkey Days celebration.
. . .

In the six days that followed the initial sighting of the bear, officials
tried to trap it and tranquilize it in numerous locations, but to no

By the time the animal showed up in Frazee, conservation
officers decided it needed to be killed to avoid conflicts with humans.

. . .

Doesn't seem to me like they tried hard enough to tranquilize this poor bear. Yeah, I know, I wasn't there, but geez, 6 days and they couldn't figure out what to do except kill it?

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