Friday, July 18, 2008

McSame Says He Doesn't Know If Obama's a Socialist

I don't know about you, but I find this hysterical. For more than a few reasons. First, McBush was in Kansas doing a little campaigning, and when they decide to interview him after his rah-rahing, he ended up being asked about his opponent, Barack Obama! Johnny boy is doing a lot of sighing these days, have you noticed?

They asked him if he thought Obama was a freakin' socialist and he said he didn't know??!!! WTF? McBush is such an idiot that despite their whining about how much media attention Obama's getting and how little 5th From The Bottom Of His Class is getting and then he goes on merrily answering more questions about Obama's record and views and giving Obama even more media attention. Thanks, John, even though you suck at promoting our guy for prez. Just goes to show ya that being the frontrunner for president isn't as good as free BBQ at the Phoenix Ranch, but keep trying.

Oh, and I need to correct David Gregory. Yesterday he was doing a piece on Who's Our Favorite Media Head and in between Rachel Maddow and Tony Blankley, David slipped in a "so, Obama is the one getting a free ride from the press." They're so cute, aren't they? There's no way Obama is getting a free ride from the press, you idiot. If Obama truly was on the imaginary free ride we sure as hell wouldn't be in Day 5 of How Much Will Jackson's Comments Hurt Obama mode!

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