Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Did We Become A Nation of Idiots? or Who The Hell Are They Polling?

I don't get it. There's 2 guys running for president - one guy doesn't believe in women's rights, admits to not knowing much about economics, lies when asked how many houses he owns, and wants to reinstitute the draft in order to chase bin Laden to the gates of hell. Oh yeah, and his being a POW is both an excuse and the ultimate qualifier for being president.

He can't string two sentences together without cue cards or cheating and hearing the questions in advance, he says whatever he wants to whenever he wants to and waves it off as just that ole maverick thing. He calls his wife vile names and offers to put her up in a biker babe topless contest.

He doesn't even vote for the programs to support the veterans he loves to talk about! He didn't support Jim Webb's recent GI bill even though he lied and said he had supported it. For a list as long as my arm of veteran's programs that he voted against, see here.

Despite all this crap, week after week, the polls indicate this old fool is closing the gap between himself and the best goddam candidate we've had in most of our lifetimes. How do people NOT see that electing McCain is just extending the devastating Bush presidency? How can any woman vote for the man who won't hesitate to take away her reproductive rights as quickly as he can? How can anybody anywhere vote for the man who's willing to wage war after war after war and draft our children and grandchildren to fight even more wars?

Haven't the past 8 years been horrendous enough? Haven't your paychecks shrunk enough? Haven't we been lied to enough? It's time to vote for the candidate best qualified to lead this country out of the quagmire Bush led us into. It's time to vote for the candidate that won't send our children off to war in order to prove something to himself. The candidate that won't thumb his nose at the world. It's time to vote for the guy who's not wearing the VFW or the Navy baseball cap.

I don't get it. There's 2 sandwiches - one has been out in the sun and is spoiled and fetid the other has been in a cooler and is crisp and fresh. Which one will you choose . . .

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