Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you, Sarah McSnide!

I was just about to hit the "donate" button for our next President of the United States - yeah, Barack Obama, baby - when I learned that the Moosey McMaverick chick has raised over 8 MILLION DOLLARS for the Obama coffers since last night!

Obama spokesman Bill Burton says, "Sarah Palin's attacks have rallied our supporters in ways we never expected. And we fully expect John McCain's attacks tonight to help us make our grass-roots organization even stronger."

Even better is she's on track to put over $10 MILLION DOLLARS in the Obama campaign before - that's BEFORE Old Fool McBush hits the stage tonight! Fuckin A Skippy!

You know what you have to do, fellow democrats.   Hit the link and fight the lies!

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  1. Challenging my readers to match or exceed my $25 donation this morning and my $30 donation last week.