Wednesday, September 10, 2008


No more Messrs. Nice Guy, Obama and Biden. Enough of how honorable McBush is. Enough of how tough Caribou Barbie is. Enough!

The easy part of this contest is over. From here until November 4 it's all or nothing every minute of every day. There's no letting your guard down for a second. If you do, the rethugs will trip you without a second thought.

They're getting all the press and we're getting none. The Sunday morning talking heads did everything they could to demean and diminish our ticket. It's ridiculous, but we're watching the nice guy Dems being ignored or ridiculed by the media that has a raging hard-on for the same corrupt, secretive, invade sovereign country type politics that we've had to endure for the last 8 years!

Personally, I don't care if Moosie McPalin ever gives a freakin' interview, ever! Frankly, I hope she doesn't. Her voice is screechy enough to etch glass and all she's accomplished so far is a fair job of reading a teleprompter and a monumental job of lying. This election is not about who anybody's veep is, yet we are letting the media run with it. They're acting like she's Prez 45 for chrissakes! She ain't. She's a small time governor who has spent a fair amount of time working on Alaska's cessation from the U.S.

And as for McBush and his beloved POW experience: where is the honor in refusing an early out of the Hanoi Hilton 'cuz his daddy was an admiral?? How that decision alone is deemed as someone who has good judgment I'll never understand, but add that to his dumbass decision to either: (a) pick someone who is more unqualified to be veep than I am, or (b) allow somebody else to pick someone who is more unqualified to be veep than I am - it just boggles the mind.

We've done the Manichean president and the torture-loving veep with a man-sized safe in his office. We've done the lies and secrets. We've done the 9 and a half-TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. Now it's time to put the correct party and its rightful leader into the White House to clean up the horrendous mess caused by McBush and the republicans.

The only way we're going to accomplish that is by electing Obama and Biden to the White House.

The only way we're going to accomplish that is by deviating from the usual Dem playbook.

You know what we want? THIS:

THIS is the man with the character to be president!

THIS is the man who won't hide behind any woman's skirt while standing in the way of her right to choice.

THIS is the man who won't lie to us in order to win an election!

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