Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stumper: When Lipsticked Pigs Fly

Romano has a nice, smart take on this truly cynical lipstick and pigs thing.

I understand that this is how politics works. As Jonathan Martin astutely notes, "thanks to the anchor of Bush, a devalued brand, the compelling stories of McCain and Palin and the cultural vulnerabilities of Obama, Republicans plainly have more to gain by making the race about character and identity" than issues, "so they've begun to engage in what is effectively a campaign of baiting and exploiting." I get that the McCain campaign is trying to divert attention from Iraq, energy, health care and the economy and fortify the caricature of Obama as scary and dangerous by forcing him to defend against outrageous, MSM-friendly accusations each and every news cycle.

* * *

And the worst part isn't that McCain was acting stupid. It's that he seems to think we're all stupid, too.

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